This tweet design is destined to be as popular as the Birthday Cupcake (large) wishing kit. Everyone has been screaming for a birthday Mini Kit, so here she is! My designer had so much fun with this one - playful primary colors on a grey polka dot background.

A precious pack of Flying Wish Paper® that's hard to resist. At 5" square, Mini Kits are smaller than the original Wishing Kits but easily just as fun.

Mini Kit Contents include:
15 sheets of Wish Paper - in RED.
5 Wish Platforms - the Birthday Birdy platform card looks just like the packaging...playful primary colors on a grey polka dot background. Each Wish Platform can be used three times.
Pencil – 1 little pencil in gold
Instructions – easy details and photos
Matches not included

Price: $11.00

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